Buying your new home

If you’re preparing to move to a new house, you’ll understand how stressful the process can be.

When you move home a conveyancing solicitor will make the legal transfer of a house to the person buying it from the person selling it. There are many things that can complicate the process
and create delays. This can all result in disappointment on your buying journey. Our team of dedicated staff are there to ease your concerns and explain matters without the complexity of legal jargon.

We help reduce the stress of your transaction by keeping you informed and working with other professionals such as the estate agents, mortgage broker and other solicitors in the chain.

A solicitor will ensure you know as much about your new property as possible from planning permissions to land boundaries so that you know exactly what you’re getting for you money. Your solicitor will take all the steps needed to complete your purchase including stamp duty all the way through to registering your property at Land Registry. They will deal with the legal steps required to complete the transaction and keep you informed by dedicating a Fee earner to deal with your transaction.

Our step by step guidance will help you through each stage of the transaction and our ‘checklist when moving’ will make sure everything is transacted smoothly. And to ease any tension for first time buyers, at BP Legal Solicitors, we are offering those buying their first house a 10% discount to help with their conveyancing fees.